World Drone Racing Championships


DATES: October 17-22, 2016 (Monday – Saturday)
KUALOA RANCH: LOW CAMP FIELD (we are located in the “Low Camp” field north of Kualoa Ranch visitors Center.)

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: Kualoa Ranch Low Camp, Island of Oahu, Hawaii, USA (click for location)
AIRPORT: Honolulu Airport (HNL)



Aloha Cup: Tuesday Oct 18 to Wed Oct 19th

Main Championships: Thurs October 20 to Sat Oct 22, 2016


The World Championships are located on the Island of Oahu, Hawaii, at the famous Kualoa Ranch on the eastern part of the Island. Participants should fly into Honolulu International Airport (HNL). Kualoa Ranch is approximately 40 minutes drive from Honolulu and Waikiki. Please see the accommodations and travel information below.



Official Hotel

The official hotel of the 2016 Drone World Championships is the Ala Moana in Honolulu.  Most of the pilots, managers, support team, and others will be staying there, which should make for a fun experience in itself. We’ve arranged a discounted rate for you – please click the below link to get the discount.

Reservation Link: Click here to reserve

Location: Ala Moana Hotel, 410 Atkinson Dr, Honolulu, HI 96814 ( Click for Map ) ( Click for driving directions to Kualoa Ranch )

  • Wifi is included
  • There is no “resort fee”
  • Kids stay free, but there’s an additional $50 per person if you mention them on the registration form or at the hotel. If you have any kids, the administrator at the hotel indicated not to include them on the registration.
  • Car rentals are widely available (recommended). The hotel charges $20/day self-parking free, $25/day for valet
  • The hotel is located about 2 minutes walk from the Main Downtown bus terminal for public transportation. Bus services to Kualoa Ranch cost $2.50 and takes about 1.5 hours to the ranch visitor’s center.
  • The hotel is about 15 minutes from Honolulu airport. There is no free, airport shuttle, but there are taxis and several multi-hotel shuttles.

Airbnb and VRBO

Airbnb and VRBO are services that allow visitors to rent houses, apartments or rooms from private homeowners. They can be less expensive and more homey, but less “polished” than a hotel. You will have to drive to the Kualoa Ranch yourself, as shuttles do not service Airbnb locations.
Hawaii Paradise Homes has several houses directly in the Kaaawa valley and very close to Kualoa Ranch.

Other Hotels

There are many hotels and other rentals on Oahu. Please be sure you have easy access to Kualoa Ranch. Honolulu and Waikiki can develop a lot of traffic during rush hours.


As mentioned above, your best option is to fly directly into Honolulu.  Alaska Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, and others fly direct to HNL from several cities around the world.

Airport: Honolulu (HNL)

CAR RENTAL (recommended)

It is highly recommended that you rent a or share a car between your traveling companions as Kualoa Ranch is about a 40 minutes to an hour drive from Honolulu.  Renting a car also gives you the opportunity to see a lot of incredibly beautiful terrain beaches and other attractions. There are all major car rental services available on the island and easily accessible at the airport.

Kualoa Ranch Parking: We are located in the “Low Camp” area of Kualoa ranch, which is located north about 2 mins. If you are coming from the south, you will pass Kualoa Ranch on your left, then continue for another 2 minutes until you see the World Championships sign on the left hand side.

Google Maps Dropped Pin at Entrance: Google Maps location


Another option is to ride share with several other pilots using UBER. The estimated fare each way is about $40, so sharing with other pilots will save you even more. Please post in the Facebook group if you are looking for a rideshare.

Public Bus

Oahu offers public transportation services around the island called “The Bus”. To get to Kualoa Ranch via TheBus:

Website: TheBus: Honolulu area to Kualoa Ranch
Timetable: Route Map: Timetable (HTML version)
Route number: #55 : Route Map: Bus route Map
Bus Center: Downtown/Ala Moana Center
Bus Stop: Stop ID “H” #2408: Kaawa Beach Park
Please note that the event is located in the “Low Camp” on Kualoa ranch, about a 1.5mi walk from the main ranch visitors center. Currently we are working on a shuttle between Kualoa visitors center and the low camp venue.


Equipment Permits

You may need letters from Drone Sports Association to bring your drones, wings, controllers, and other equipment through Customs without fees/duties:

For general attendees: a letter confirming attendance at the World Drone Racing Championships.
For manufacturers: a letter confirming your attendance at the World Drone Racing Championships and that your equipment has “no commercial value.”

If you require a letter for your visa, please contact us at hello at rotorsports dot com or use our contact form to request a confirmation letter.


For information on visitor visas for business and pleasure

Visa Waiver Program

International travelers who are seeking to travel to the U.S. under the Visa Waiver Program are now subject to enhanced security requirements and will be required to pay an administrative fee. Please visit the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) for more information. For more information, please visit the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA).

More Customs Info

For information on customs declarations and the admission process for entering the U.S., please visit the US Customs & Border Patrol website.


Time Zone

Hawaii Standard Time (HST) is UTC-10 hours. Hawaii remains on HST throughout the year and does not observe Daylight Savings Time. It is five to six hours behind Eastern Standard Time; four to five hours behind Central Standard Time; and two to three hours behind Pacific Standard Time. HST is 19 hours behind Japan.

During the Drone World Championships, the time differences will be:

California/US Pacific = HST + 3 hours
US Mountain = HST + 4 hours
US Central = HST + 5 hours
US Eastern = HST + 6 hours
Tokyo = HST + 19 hours
Seoul = HST + 19 hours
London = HST + 9 hours


U.S. dollar. Major credit cards are accepted as well as traveler’s checks.

Area Code and Cell Phones

The area code for all of Hawaii is (808). Cell phone coverage is readily available if you’re coming from the U.S. mainland. Check your carrier and calling plan for details.


77 F/ 25 C is the average, year-round temperature. Between April and November temperatures range from 75-88 F while between December – March, it’s a bit cooler at 68-80 F.


The competition dress code is as relaxed as you want it to be. For going out in Hawaii, aloha business attire. For men, the norm is slacks and an “aloha shirt” or short sleeved dress shirt. For women, slacks and skirts in lightweight material with a blouse is fine. Suits and ties are rarely worn here, but bring a light jacket or sweater for nights. Casual dress clothes or resort wear are appropriate if you plan on experiencing Hawaii’s restaurants and nightlife. You can always buy an aloha shirt and flip-flops (we call them “slippers”) at one of the many retail stores here.

Helpful Hawaiian Words and Phrases

Aloha Means love, but is also used as a greeting (hello/goodbye, welcome/farewell)
Mahalo (mah-HAH-low) Thank you, gratitude
Mauka (MOW-ka) toward the mountains (a directional term)
Makai (mah-kigh) toward the ocean (a directional term)
Ohana (oh-HAH-nah) Family
Kane (KAH-knee) Man or boy
Wahine (wah-HEE-neh) Woman or lady
Keiki (KAY-key) Child/children
Kamaaina (Kah-ma-EYE-na) A long time resident of Hawai‘i
A Hui Hou (Ah Hoo-ee Ho) Until we meet again
E Komo Mai (Ay Koh-moh My-ee) Welcome, enter
Hana Hou (Hana Ho) Encore (when you enjoy something very much)
Kokua (koh-KOO-ah) Help or give assistance (“Please kokua” as in please be considerate)
Ono (OH-no) delicious or tasty, also a large mackerel type of fish

Internet Access

Readily available on most islands and many hotels. All Starbucks locations offer free wi-fi.