Participating Countries

 CountryEvent DateWebsiteSanctioned
Argentina Drone NationalsArgentinaTBDTo be AnnouncedFFAA
Australia Drone NationalsAustraliaAug 19-20, 2016Australian Drone NationalsMAAA
Austria Drone NationalsAustriaJune 3-5, 2016Austrian Drone NationalsAustria Aeroclub
Belgium Drone NationalsBelgiumApr 10 2016Belgian Drone NationalsVML
Brazil Drone NationalsBrasilSept 3-4, 2016Brazilian Drone Nationals FB or web page
Canada Drone NationalsCanadaJune 25, 2016Canadian Drone Nationals
Chile Drone NationalsChileSept 3-4, 2016Chile Drone Nationals
China Drone NationalsChinaJuly 23-24, 2016Chinese Drone NationalsTOS FPV Racing
Columbia Drone NationalsColombiaAug 19-21, 2016Colombian Drone NationalsMini Quad Racing Col
Croatia Drone NationalsCroatia (hosted in Slovenia for 2016)Aug 12-14, 2016Croatian @ Slovenian Drone NationalsCroatian @ Slovenian Drone Nationals
Czech Drone NationalsCzech RepublicTBACzech Republic Drone Nationals
Danish Drone NationalsDenmarkMay 7-8, 2016Danish Drone NationalsModelflyvning Danmark
Ecuador Drone NationalsEcuadorAugust 20, 2016 Ecuadorian Drone Nationals
Finnish Drone NationalsFinlandTBAFinnish Drone Nationals
French Drone NationalsFranceMay 14-15, 2016French Drone Nationals
German Drone NationalsGermanyAug 30, 2015German Nationals Bexbach
Guam Drone NationalsGuamJun 19, 2016Guam Drone NationalsAcademy of Model Aeronautics
Hong Kong Drone NationalsHong KongMay 22, 2016Hong Kong Drone NationalsHong Kong FPV Racers
Hungary Drone NationalsHungaryFinal event: Sep 3, 2016Hungary Drone Nationals
Indonesian Drone NationalsIndonesiaAug 28, 2016Indonesian Drone NationalsIndonesian Drone Nationals
Irish Drone NationalsIrelandDec 12, 2015Irish Drone Nationals
Italian Drone NationalsItalyJuly 8-10, 2016Italian Drone Nationals
Japan Drone NationalsJapanJun 10-12, 2016Japanese Drone NationalsJDRA
Korean Drone NationalsKoreaSept 10-11, 2016Korean Drone NationalsK-AMA
Austria Drone NationalsLuxembourgTBALuxembourg Drone NationalsLuxembourg Direction of Aviation
Malaysia Drone NationalsMalaysiaAug 6-7, 2016Malaysia Drone Nationals
Mexican Drone NationalsMexicoTBAMexican Drone Nationals AMDAC
Netherlands Drone NationalsNetherlandsJun 24-26, 2016Netherlands Drone Nationals
New Zealand Drone NationalsNew ZealandTBANew Zealand Drone Nationals
Peru Drone PrixPerú16 April 2016Perú Drone Prix 2016FAP and APPDRONE
Philippines Drone NationalsPhilippinesAug 5-7, 2016Philippines Drone NationalsRC Iloilo
Polish Drone NationalsPolandMay 2016Polish Drone Nationals
Portugal Drone NationalsPortugalJuly 2-3, 2016Portugal Drone Nationals
Russian Drone NationalsRussiaTBARussian Drone Nationals
Singapore Drone NationalsSingapore3-4 Races
1st: May 25, 2016
Drone Matters
Slovenian Drone NationalsSloveniaAug 12-14, 2016Slovenian Drone Nationals DMA Modra Ptica
South African Drone NationalsSouth AfricaApr 23-27, 2016South African Drone NationalsSAMAA
Spain Drone NationalsSpainJuly 1-3, 2016Spain Drone Nationals
Swiss Drone NationalsSwitzerlandAug 5-7, 2016Swiss Drone Nationals
Thailand Drone NationalsThailandJune 4-5, 2016Thai Drone Nationals Drone Academy Thailand
UK Drone NationalsUK (Britain, Scotland)Jan 2016UK Drone NationalsBritish Modeling Flying Association
Ukraine Drone NationalsUkraineSep 3-5, 2016UADRR or UADRR FB
US Drone NationalsUSAug 5-7, 2016US Drone NationalsAcademy of Model Aeronautics
Regional Events
North AmericaMay 2016North America Cup (Canada, US)
EuropeMay 2016European Cup (France)French Nationals
EuropeMay 2016European Cup (Austria)Austria Nationals
Central AmericaTBACentral America CupMexico Nationals